2 ex-caretakers plead no contest to felony in pouring boiling water on disabled woman


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Two men charged with pouring boiling water on the back of a disabled woman they were hired to care for have each pleaded no contest to a felony abuse charge.

Gabriel Monsibais and Anthony Alvarez on Wednesday pleaded no contest to causing injury to an elder or dependent adult, according to court records. Torture and assault on a person with force likely to produce great bodily injury were dismissed against Monsibais under the plea agreements, and an accessory charge was dismissed against Alvarez.

Monsibais, who admitted to heating and pouring the water on the woman, faces a maximum of seven years in prison, prosecutors said. Alvarez, who participated in a coverup, will be sentenced to time served and will be placed on felony probation.

The two were charged in August 2018 after Monsibais admitted his abuse of the woman to Kern County sheriff’s investigators.

Both Monsibais and Alvarez worked at AIMES Consulting, Inc. in Bakersfield. The abused woman, Essence Perkins, was under the care of Kern Regional Center, which contracted with AIMES for longterm care. Court documents say she has mental disorders and the mental capacity of an 8-year-old.

On July 18, 2016, Monsibais told detectives, he gave Perkins medication he knew would make her lie down. Then he filled a 10-inch pot with water and heated it on a stove until it was steaming.

Monsibais grabbed the pot and walked into Perkins’s bedroom then poured the boiling water on her back, according to his statement contained in sheriff’s reports. He said he filmed the incident on his cellphone but deleted it a few days later.

Monsibais said he didn’t tell Alvarez, his co-worker, what he was going to do beforehand. But they came up with a plan where they claimed Perkins had a violent episode and accidentally burned herself, court documents say. Alvarez even poured hot water on Monsibais’s arm so they could argue he became injured while trying to stop Perkins from harming herself.

Sentencing for the two men is scheduled April 18.


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