Abu Dhabi School of Government celebrates first batch of graduates from its ‘General Competencies’ programme


ABU DHABI, 22nd December 2020 (WAM) — The Abu Dhabi School of Government, the leading government platform for developing workforce competencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has organised the virtual graduation ceremony for its first batch of graduates from the ‘General Competencies’ programme.
The virtual graduation ceremony was attended by Dr Nama Salmeen Alameri, Dean of the Abu Dhabi School of Government, and Shaikha Al-Ahbabi, Director of Public Programmes at the Abu Dhabi School of Government.
The ceremony, which was broadcast on YouTube, showcased the graduation of 216 employees from 25 government entities in Abu Dhabi. It has amassed over 700 views to date.
Recognising their hard work and passion in their learning journeys, each graduate was given an accredited certificate for successfully completing the ‘General Competencies’ programme. Divided into six behavioural competencies, participants were able to gain a deeper insight into self-development, building sustainable relationships, inspiring and empowering others, shaping and initiating others, accountability and customer-centricity.
Over the course of four months, participants attended 82 virtual sessions presented by qualified trainers and mentors, with access to support and guidance during the early training stages. In addition, graduates completed 4,180 self-learning hours on digital platforms, 902 digital modules on the Maarifa digital platform and 243 programmes on Coursera. Their learning journey also included the development of 34 innovative ideas and future projects for government sectors in the Emirate.
The ‘General Competencies’ programme aims to develop employees’ capabilities, enhance their skills, and improve their work ethic at the individual, collective, and institutional levels, in order to optimise their duties and job responsibilities, as well enable them to take on new responsibilities to support future government needs and trends.
Dr. Nama Salmeen Alameri, Dean of the Abu Dhabi School of Government said, “We are pleased to witness the successful graduation of the first batch of the ‘General Competencies’ program. We extend our highest congratulations to them and wish them all success and excellence in their careers.”
“At the Abu Dhabi School of Government, we are dedicated to empowering the future leaders of the UAE through world-class training programmes. Our specially designed programs grant Abu Dhabi employees the opportunity to develop their skills and enable them to become more efficient, which will ultimately play a pivotal role in helping to realise Abu Dhabi’s vision of becoming a sustainable and open economy that exceeds global standards,” she added.
Aligning with the vision and direction of the UAE’s wise leadership, the programme comes as part of the Abu Dhabi School of Government’s mandate to train and transfer knowledge to Abu Dhabi’s workforce and provides participants with the opportunity to enhance their competencies and job ethic, whilst helping to foster a culture of competitiveness and creativity.
At the graduation, the graduates expressed their gratitude to the Abu Dhabi School of Government by stressing the role of the ‘General Competencies’ programme in igniting their passion for continuous learning and development. Participants also displayed their appreciation for their trainers, coaches and Abu Dhabi School of Government employees, who displayed exceptional levels of professionalism and expertise.


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