Analysis: UAE Government retreat reflects approach of thinking outside the box


By Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Director-General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM)

ABU DHABI, 24th February 2021 (WAM) — The government retreat established an Emirati benchmark that has impressed everyone who are anticipating its outcomes, to meet and exceed the aspirations of the Emirati people and Arab people, in general, as well as the other peoples of the world.

This is logical, especially as the world is still praising the distinguished scientific achievement that is the Hope Probe, which is the outcome of one of the UAE’s government retreats. This is the UAE, a nation where creative initiatives are never-ending. In every national sector, authority and institution, a unique management approach drives excellence on a daily basis, and the initiatives produced by these strategic retreats have established a bright and solid future for the Union.

The government retreat that aims to plan for the next fifty years is not only a series of brainstorming sessions that will end when the retreat concludes, they are also a continuous approach of thinking outside the box that will continue for the next fifty years and beyond.

The retreat is an ideal opportunity to produce bold and ambitious ideas and plan the future of the world and the UAE after 50 years.

When the idea of the Hope Probe was first raised, some people doubted the possibility of implementing it, perhaps because it exceeded the limits of their ambitions. However, the UAE and its leadership believed in the possibility of achieving anything.

The government retreat is unique, not only due to its outcomes but also because the entire community can participate in producing such outcomes, as the country has always prioritised people.

This open and effective participation produced ideas that the government is considering, making the retreat unique because everyone can contribute and participate in presenting ideas that will shape the nation’s future. The UAE can, therefore, remain a nation that embraces innovation, excellence and ambition and a beacon of hope for the entire world.



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