Attorney: Washington DC officers accused of drag racing, crashing into each other were not cited for actions


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSVN) — Two police cruisers in Washington D.C. were left totaled after officers reportedly drag raced through neighborhood streets. All four officers involved had to be treated for injuries, but none were cited for their actions.

Stunning pictures captured the result of officers slamming into each other following a dangerous decision.

An internal email from a D.C police commander said the officers thought it was a good idea to race each other and the crash report reveals one driver turned into the path of the other, hitting a fence in the process.

The cars were allegedly going about 60 mph which was well over the 25 mph speed limit.

Two criminal defense attorneys said it’s odd that the officers haven’t even been charged yet.

“I think it is surprising,” said attorney David Benowitz. “If these were civilian non-police officers, I can’t imagine a reason why the drivers would not have been cited.”

According to D.C. law, attorneys said what these officers did falls under reckless driving and the officers should be punished accordingly.

“Given that the district commander has already issued a statement saying that it was drag racing, I’m assuming that that came from more than witness statements, that it came from the officers themselves,” Benowitz said. “Now again, obviously, I have not interviewed the officers, but if the officers have admitted to that then I think they’ve admitted to aggravated reckless driving.”

Police said they do not believe the officers driving were impaired.

They also said all four officers have had their police duties suspended.


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