Biden adds California, Washington, Oregon to win list, leads in key battleground state of Arizona


Joe Biden has been projected to win California, Washington, and Oregon, adding over 70 potential delegates to his electoral college count.

With important swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania still up for grabs, Biden added to his delegate count by being projected to win California’s 55 delegates, Oregon’s seven, and Washington’s 12.

All typically Democrat-stronghold states, Biden adds the states to others he’s been projected by multiple outlets to come out on top in including New York, New Mexico, and Virginia. 

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With over 30 percent of polls reporting, Biden is ahead in California with 67 percent versus Trump’s 31 percent. With nearly 70 percent of polls reporting in Oregon, Biden leads with over 60 percent, and in Washington with nearly 60 percent of polls reporting. Biden leads with over 60 percent, as well. 

Based on races projected, Biden is leading in delegates at 209, and Trump at 118. 

Fox News is the only outlet so far to project a win for Biden in Arizona, a typically reliable Republican state, which would add another 11 delegates to his lead. 

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