Chicago woman accused of attacking 2 Miami Beach hotel employees


A woman visiting South Florida has bonded out of jail a day after, police said, she threw a tantrum at a South Beach hotel and attacked two employees.

7News cameras captured Marqueze Burks as she walked out of jail, Monday night.

“Why are you recording me?” she asked a 7News crew.

Burks, a Chicago resident, faces several charges, including battery.

Investigators said she got into an argument with staff at the Palomar Hotel along the 1700 block of Alton Road over being kicked out, Sunday morning.

In bond court, prosecutors said the visitor refused to go peacefully.

“She was charged with one count of tampering for every time she hung up the phone when they were trying to call the police,” said a prosecutor.

Prosecutors said Burks came behind the front desk, knocked down clear dividers put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic and hit the employees.

“She strikes him with her fist,” said a prosecutor. “She told the officers that if they weren’t officers she would have hit them too.”

Sunday’s attack comes just over two months after a similar incident at the Clinton Hotel along the 800 block of Washington Avenue.

Police said Mandy Calara, the owner of Voodoo Lounge, snapped and went after a front desk manager at the Clinton Hotel on March 3 because he wasn’t given a key to a woman’s room.

“I felt [like] I’m gonna die,” said the victim.

On Feb. 12, surveillance video showed the brutal beating of a front desk employee at the Riviera Beach Hotel along 20th Street.

That incident led to the arrest of a Philadelphia man.

As for Berks, she apologized in bond court.

“I just want to say that I’m very apologetic,” she said.

She did not appear jazzed about her time in lockup.

“This is how they do it in Miami? You don’t know what kind of night I just had,” she said.

Burks also faces charges of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.


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