China says most rocket debris burned up during reentry


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The Chinese Space agency has confirmed a piece of its Long March 5B rocket has reentered Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean near Maldives.  

President and CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum, Jim Kidrick says China needs to be more transparent with their plans to try to prevent anyone from getting hurt.  

“Hopefully we have someone walking into the room, ‘hey’ we need to know more about what you are doing not because of what you are doing but simply it could affect others,” said Kidrick.  

Experts didn’t believe the debris would be a danger since 70% of earth is water.  

According to Kidrick, what was uncommon was the size of the debris.  

“This is about 23 tons – 46,000 pounds, 90 meter plus about 100 feet long,” said Kidrick.  

The Chinese are planning on sending 10 more rockets up into space to complete their own space station.  

Kidrick says China needs to have more communication with other nations as they continue their plans on building their own space station, “It really helps when all the nations of the world, join in to ensure that there is really good communication when these kinds of things happen.” 


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