Clarksville neighborhood comes together after two homes catch fire two weeks apart


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two fires within two weeks have brought a Clarksville community together.

Both homes in the same neighborhood were left completely destroyed and families are still in disbelief looking at the damage.

“We had cooked and went to sleep, and it was like 30 minutes later. I think the stove reignited,” said Dwayne Davis looking at his home. He says he still can’t believe what happened.

It was a normal Saturday night for Davis and his wife.

“The grease started popping, and when I came downstairs it was just the whole kitchen was on fire,” said Davis.

According to Michael Rios with the Clarksville Fire Department, crews responded to the fire around 6:59 pm on Man O’War Blvd.

According to Michael Rios with the Clarksville Fire Department, crews responded to the fire around 6:59 pm on Man O’War Blvd. When crews arrived, Davis and his wife were outside of the home.

Although the couple made it out of the home safely, their dog of 10 years died inside the house. The damage extended from the front door to the back of the house. Paint and metal on two cars in the garage were left melted. The family was forced to find somewhere else to sleep, but Davis says it was by chance he woke up.

“The fire alarms didn’t go off. None of them, I mean we had three fire alarms in the house and none of them went off,” Davis explained. “I mean I lost everything, everything. I have nothing.”

However, their ordeal wasn’t over. Hours later the Clarksville Fire Department responded to the home again. According to Rios, neighbors saw smoke continuing to come from the house. He says this sometimes happens, where hot spots inside a home and still kindle even after crews initially leave.

This is the second time the neighborhood has seen a fire destroy a home.

The King family lives about a mile away and their house caught fire March 10.

“You walk into the house and it’s utterly destroyed,” said Stacy King, standing next to her husband.

On March 10, the Kings were away from their home when a box inside the home caught on fire. The King’s daughter was home and put the box inside the sink, pouring water over the box to put out the flames. Thinking the fire was out, she then threw the box outside.

“From there we can only assume that it wasn’t, and the wind brought it back to life and blew it all through the house,” explained King.

On March 10, the King family were devastated after a fire blew through their entire home.

The King family lost two cats in the fire, and are now living in a hotel. They say driving by Davis’s is a scary reminder of how much damage a fire can cause.

“It’s devastating to know that someone else is going through this; it’s really hard,” said King. “When you put two devastating events like this together, you’re wanting to know why, and people are wanting to make sure they don’t succumb to something like this.”

Now community members are asking how this could happen – two fires, two homes, and so many unanswered questions.

However, if there is a silver lining drawn in the middle of this community, it’s how much they lean on each other. The Kings telling News 2 following the fire, neighbors reached out to them, helping with food, money, and clothes for the whole family. They say it’s a blessing found in this close-knit community.

The morning after a fire destroyed the Davis’ home, neighbors stopped to check on Mr. Davis. In a neighborhood group, community members worked to put together funds and clothes to help.


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