CNN pundit outrageously claims that Trump will form ‘shadow government’ and hold ‘counter-inauguration’


A CNN pundit has made the extraordinary claim that President Donald Trump will form a “shadow government” and hold his own “counter-inauguration” in January with the help of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Without providing any evidence to back up his claims, self-professed ‘presidential historian’ and CNN pundit Douglas Brinkley made the outrageous comments, worthy of any online conspiracy theory message board, on cable news during a recent segment.

The 59-year-old professor of history at Rice University alleged Trump, whom he dubbed a “tinpot dictator,” is “living in some kind of fantasy zone,” and was aiming to “create a kind of second shadow government out of Mar-a-Lago” with the help of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

The historian opined that Trump “will philosophically and emotionally refuse to believe that he lost,” adding that he doesn’t think Trump will attend Biden’s inauguration and will instead “be petulant and pout” and might even hold a counter-inaugural event. 

Commentators online couldn’t help but draw parallels between Brinkley’s claims and what many have insinuated about former US President Barack Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton throughout Trump’s presidency.

Others noted that Democrat-adjacent pundits such as Brinkley spend much of their time accusing Republicans of spreading conspiracy theories while also giving airtime to their own baseless claims.

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