Confusion rattles MDC North Campus vaccination site as eligibility guidelines not being followed


Large crowds are showing up to distribution sites as vaccine eligibility continues to expand. Some people who do not meet the current criteria are still hoping to receive their shot at prevention.

Several people gathered at the FEMA-supported vaccination site at Miami-Dade College’s North Campus, Tuesday morning.

Many of those in line told 7News they do not meet any of the qualifications in order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but that they have been allowed to receive the shot nonetheless.

Some recipients said they heard through the grapevine that no questions were being asked at the site.

They showed up, walked in and were asked to show their driver’s license and received their shot. They did not need a doctor’s note or need to meet the age requirement.

Others, however, said they were asked to show a doctor’s note.

“I’m 47, I don’t have any conditions or anything, so this was the only opportunity for me to jump and get it,” said Alessandro Salamone, who received the vaccine.

“We heard through the grapevine that it was available and we just wanted to be able to get it if it was available,” said Jason Alper.

“They were very easy about it,” said Stacy Alper. “It wasn’t any questions asked or anything.”

The state of Florida has specific guidelines in place regarding who can and cannot receive the vaccine, so it is unclear why they are not being enforced at this site.

7News reached out to the state for information on why this is happening, but they have not yet provided a response.

In the meantime, there appears to be a lot of confusion at the Miami-Dade College’s North Campus vaccination site about who is eligible to get a vaccine, and who is not.


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