DC police unleash tear gas & stun grenades in clashes with protesters after man dies in botched traffic stop (VIDEO)


Police in Washington, DC have deployed tear gas and other crowd control munitions on demonstrators protesting the death of Karon Hylton, who lost his life in a motorbike crash as officers attempted to make a traffic stop.

Footage circulated on social media on Tuesday night showing activists facing off with police, with tear gas and flashbang grenades seen deployed against the demonstrators. Some protesters appear to have returned fire with improvised projectiles.

Other videos captured the moment police moved in on a group of protesters, who reportedly fled the scene, as well as the aftermath of vandalism at a DC police station, where windows were seen smashed.

The unrest was sparked after Hylton, 20, was involved in a fatal moped crash last Friday. DC law enforcement claims officers attempted to make a traffic stop after the man was spotted riding without a helmet, but that Hylton collided with a vehicle as he exited an alley, later dying of his injuries. Activists have challenged the police account, however, alleging Hylton was struck by a squad car, and are now demanding the release of body cam footage from the officers present for the fatal crash.

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