‘Dennis the Menace’ actress Gloria Henry dies at 98


(WJW) — Actress Gloria Henry has passed away at 98, according to her daughter, Erin Ellwood.

Ellwood announced Henry’s death on Instagram Saturday. She died one day after her 98th birthday.

“She’s flying now, free of her body. She left on a countdown 4 3 2 1 @ 3:40 p.m.,” Ellwood wrote in her social media post. “She was such an incredible woman in so many ways.”

Ellwood says the past year had “been beautiful and heartbreaking.”

On the actress’s birthday, Ellwood posted a heartfelt tribute to her mother on Instagram. She said, “it’s been a rough month – we weren’t sure if she would make it to 98, but she did!”

Henry is best known for her role of Alice Mitchell on the 1960s sitcom “Dennis the Menace.”


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