DUBAI, 27th December, 2020 (WAM) — The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Gulf Medical University to promote cooperation in the field of medical education and training.
Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the DHA and Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor, Gulf Medical University, signed the MoU at the DHA headquarters in Dubai.
The MoU aims to promote cooperation in medical training and enhance the competencies of health personnel across health specialities. It also aims to promote cooperation in organising joint health-supporting programmes such as conferences, seminars and events and unifying efforts to spread the culture of innovation in society.
Commenting on the MoU, Al Qutami said that the cooperation with the Gulf Medical University is an important opportunity to enhance the capabilities of its medical staff and to support the authority’s direction towards achieving leadership in the field of medical research and specialised studies, as well as strengthening the innovation and fostering knowledge.
He added that Gulf Medical University is one of the leading national medical institutions, which has established itself as an advanced centre for training future generations of medical students in various disciplines and is an important centre in the field of research, studies and development.
He added that DHA is keen to strengthen its relations with all international academic and research institutions and that the authority also focusses on promoting and supporting medical innovation.
Prof. Hamdy said, “The memorandum of understanding with DHA reflects the importance of integrating health services, education, training and scientific research to improve community health, and Gulf Medical University is honoured to be among the authority’s partners in these vital and important areas.”
He explained that within the framework of the memorandum, the university will provide an advanced set of training programs and higher studies, as well as nursing programmes and specialized studies in the medical aid categories, as well as exchange of experiences and successful experiences between the Authority and the University.


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