DUBAI, 19th December, 2020 (WAM) — At its sixth meeting held remotely, the Family Policies Coordination Council discussed the proposal of “Marriage Encouragement Policy” and reviewed a series of initiatives promoting this policy, as part of a brainstorming session entitled “Encouraging Marriage”.
Various topics related to the proposed policy were discussed, such as targeted audience, current challenges, solutions and ways of implementing the policy.
The members of the Council were also informed about the results of the study on the current situations and opinion polls presented by Hessa Abdul Rahman Tahlak, Assistant Under-Secretary of Social Development at the Ministry of Community Development, and Chairman of the Family Policies Coordination Council.
The meeting addressed social events such as condolences and weddings in terms of the current situation, interviews, study and questionnaire, brainstorming workshop, and social scenarios.
The council seeks to provide well-being foundations for the community and achieve the required integration in the development and implementation of family policies and projects. It is part of establishing a unified national vision and strategy to meet family needs and anticipate challenges.
The council will continuously submit proposals for the family development policies and initiatives as well as appropriate initiatives and mechanisms to strengthen cooperation and exchange experiences among relevant government authorities on the one side and government and private sectors on the other.
The council was established by the Cabinet in 2018 and is responsible for establishing the vision of the national family policy to meet the needs and overcome the challenges in this area, implementing the initiatives and projects contained in the policy, building relations and ensuring coordination between relevant authorities to develop and implement family policies.

By kandel

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