How healthcare workers can score free ‘thank you’ burritos from Chipotle this week


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(WJW) — What’s better than a burrito? A free burrito. And Chipotle is soon giving away its beloved wrapped wares to 250,000 lucky healthcare workers across the country as a thank you for all they do.

Workers can sign up for a giveaway code starting at 10 a.m. PT on Thursday until they’re all gone. The code should show up in an applicant’s email within five days after they’ve been approved.

“Given the events of the past year, we are once again bringing our fans together to show appreciation for the heroic efforts of the healthcare community,” Chipotle’s Chris Brandt said in a statement.

Those who want to sign up for the promotion must prove their occupation by going to the website.

Find out more about the giveaway, and how to thank healthcare workers on the company’s site, right here. The code expires at the end of May.


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