Is one Super Bowl ring enough to secure Drew Brees’ legacy now that he’s retired?


NEW ORLEANS (NEXSTAR) — The numbers don’t lie, but what will become of newly retired Drew Brees‘ legacy once – or if – his records fall?

After all, despite owning nearly every single NFL passing record, current No. 2 Tom Brady had already state prior to winning his seventh Super Bowl ring, that he would ‘definitely consider’ playing past age 45.

Following the game, in which he won is fifth career Super Bowl MVP award, the 43-year-old said “we’re coming back” regarding another season with the newly crowned NFL champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brees might still hold a narrow lead over Brady in a majority of the record books, but one record he will never touch is the number of Super Bowl wins.

Brady 7, Brees 1.

With such a disparity in NFL championships won, just where does Brees’ career stack up if – or once – his records fall?

One person who believes Brees’ legacy is untouchable and who’s bust will soon be cast in bronze within the halls of Canton, Ohio, is longtime John Curtis Christian head coach, J.T. Curtis.

Difficult losses the last three years in the playoffs, tarnish the legacy or go down as a footnote.

“No, he won the Super Bowl. That’s what people are going to remember,” said Curtis emphatically when asked by WGNO Friday Night Football co-host Ed Daniels on whether or not difficult losses the past three years in the playoffs tarnished his legacy or are simply a relegated footnote. “He won the Super Bowl.”

“You go back to the Buffalo Bills and their folklore, and it’s the opposite,” he continued.

“They lost the Super Bowls. They played for all that there was to play for – for four years in a row – and could not win one. That’s what people talk about.

“When they talk about Drew Brees” Curtis concluded. “They are going to talk about toughness, and they are going to talk about being a Super Bowl champion.”


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