Joe Biden wins Maine, as US presidential election remains too close to call


Former Vice President Joe Biden has won Maine’s four Electoral College votes, increasing his delegate total as the 2020 presidential election becomes a closer race than polls predicted.

Unlike the majority of states, Maine allocates Electoral College votes based on the statewide result and the candidate’s showings in congressional districts, rather than a winner-take-all system. However, Joe Biden has swept all four of the state’s electoral votes after a strong performance.

While it’s a step forward, the small number of delegates won’t get Biden close enough to the necessary 270 target to feel comfortable or secure the presidency, as both sides weigh the possibility of dragging the election out through the courts.

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President Donald Trump claimed victory on Tuesday night, saying he has won states not yet called for either candidate by the major news networks, and stated that he plans to go to the Supreme Court to halt the counting of ballots in states where he is leading.

Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, made it clear that they “have legal teams standing by” if Trump “makes good on his threat to go to court.”

Based on the current projected results, Biden is leading the delegate count with 238 Electoral College votes, compared with Donald Trump’s 213.

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