Lobsta Trap, Prime Italian celebrate National Lobster Day with mouthwatering dishes


June 15 is National Lobster Day. It’s like Christmas for lobster lovers. Not so much for the lobsters, but let’s be positive, and I’m positive you’re gonna love these lobster options — or, as I call them, “loptions.”

If you’re gonna “shell-ebrate” National Lobster Day, head over to The Lobsta Trap in Miami.

Jeffrey Hernandez, The Lobsta Trap: “All of our dishes are lobster-inspired. We basically take a modern twist on the lobster, and we are putting it with what a lot of what people refer to as finger food.”

Finger lickin’ good is more like it.

If you eat here, bring your appetite, because there are so many choices, like the lobster grilled cheese.

Jeffrey Hernandez: “We have a five-cheese blend that we use within the sandwich to give it some nice stringiness, good texture, smoky flavor in the cheese. We’re using some wild caught Maine lobster, and we get that nice and toasted.”

But wait, there’s more.

Jeffrey Hernandez: “Our elote fries is basically a Mexican inspired dish. We’ll deep fry a lobster tail and put it on the top surrounded by shrimp. Then we will go ahead and repeat the process of decorating it again with some cream, some little bit of chalote cheese and cilantro.”

If that doesn’t tantalize your taste buds, how about homemade waffles with lobster?

Jeffrey Hernandez: “We developed basically what we call a Belgian waffle, but it’s infused with cheddar cheese and chives. It’s a great twist to a waffle, and we serve it with fried lobster.”

Yaylem Mir, diner: “Everything was so fresh and so good. I recommend this 100%. You must try it.”

There ought to be a “claw” about an Italian restaurant serving lobster pizza, but that’s what Prime Italian on Miami Beach is dishing up for this year’s Lobster Day.

Cheryl Barr, Prime Italian: “It’s perfect for a Lobster Day meal because most people are going to go for a lobster roll, and this is a completely different dish that has lobster. Sometimes people look at it like, ‘Hmmm, and then, when they try it, they think it’s amazing.”

Barbara Boller, diner: “I’ve never had lobster on a pizza before, and the fact that it’s on a pizza actually made me want to try it so bad, because it’s a great combination of two of the things that I love the most.”

This is no ordinary lobster pizza, though.

Cheryl Barr: “We use for the sauce, it’s a lobster bisque that is famous at Prime 112. It has Maine lobster, chunks of Maine lobster — that’s what makes it different. It’s eight ounces, it has fontina cheese and chives.

Barbara Boller: “I loved the lobster pizza. It’s unexpected and very, very tasty, and I definitely recommend it, especially for National Lobster Day.”

The Lobsta Trap
2644 SW 137th Ave.
Miami, FL 33175

Prime Italian
101 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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