Man arrested after medical call ends in altercation with paramedics in Miami Beach


A man has been arrested after a medical call outside of a Miami Beach hotel ended with him getting into an altercation with the paramedics sent to help him.

The incident happened in the area of Ninth Street and Collins Avenue, Friday afternoon.

The confrontation began when Miami Beach Fire Rescue personnel were called to assist a man who was sleeping on the steps of the Sherbrooke Hotel. The entire incident was captured on the hotel’s surveillance system.

“The fellow was passed out,” Mitch Novick, who owns the hotel, said. “Unfortunately, he was very aggressive.”

After hotel employees called 911, fire rescue arrived to wake up the man and to offer their assistance. Officials said the man wanted to get a ride to his hotel in the ambulance.

Then, the man got into the passenger seat of the ambulance. After fire rescue convinced the man to get out, he squared up against one of the paramedics, as he appeared to want to go to blows with him.

Miami Beach Police officers arrived seconds later to place the man into handcuffs.

Noel Harrison, 26, of New York now faces charges of occupied burglary, battery on a firefighter and disorderly intoxication.

He will soon be transferred from police headquarters to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami-Dade.


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