Google tweeted and quickly deleted a message that appeared to be meant for a user experiencing issues with the system, inspiring a flurry of responses and mockery.

“Hmm. We’ve sent you a DM with the next steps. Please check and let us know if you have any questions,” the tech company tweeted on Monday. Google often responds by direct message to users having difficulty with their email accounts. 

The company deleted the tweet within minutes, but that didn’t stop some from poking fun at the accidental message.

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“I won’t forget you tried to slide into my DMs, Google,” one user wrote.

“Maybe Google drank early before Christmas,” replied another.

One person joked with the tech giant that they “didn’t get” the DM in question and still had a few questions about “you know what.”

Some were also seemingly in the process of chatting with Google about account issues and took the tweet as an opportunity to vent those frustrations.

Google has not acknowledged the mistake on their Twitter account. 

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