Impromptu celebrations have begun in NYC shortly after Associated Press called the election for Joe Biden after declaring the battleground state of Pennsylvania for ex-Vice President.

Joyous supporters of the Democratic candidate poured into the streets following the news Biden was poised to receive over 270 electoral votes – the number needed to secure the presidency.

In New York, shouts of joy could be heard in the streets, with Biden supporters cheering the projected win from their apartments.

Car honking – and even drum beating – was heard throughout the city, numerous videos available online show.

Apparently, some deemed the coronavirus-appropriate from-home celebrations to be insufficient and took the revelry outside. Several impromptu dance parties broke out in the city’s streets.

A massive crowd of Biden supporters gathered in Times Square, staging a wild celebration the like of which the iconic landmark usually sees only on New Year’s Eve.

Biden cheered his projected win as well, tweeting that he was “honored and humbled” by the trust the American people had put in him and his running mate Kamala Harris. US President Donald Trump, however, who has repeatedly accused his rivals of rigging the polls, refused to concede, stating, “This election is far from over.”

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