NYT ‘investigative reporter’ slammed for wagging his finger at conservative media for ‘amplifying’ Philly riots


Eric Lipton, an investigative reporter with the New York Times, has questioned the “intensity” of tweets from conservatives covering riots in Philadelphia, complaining that they want to “elevate” the situation.

Responding to a report from the Daily Caller covering Tuesday night’s looting and rioting in the city, Lipton replied by saying, “Watching my Twitter feed since last night very notable the intensity of tweets from conservative voices looking to amplify/draw attention to looting in Phila.”

Lipton did not deny that actual rioting and looting was happening, but noted it was “remarkable” that conservatives wanted to “elevate” it, without explaining why the media attention was supposedly too intense.

“Yes it happened. NYT covered it as well. Just remarkable how conservatives want to elevate it,” he wrote.

Questioning the coverage of protests-turned-riots and looting in one of the US’ major cities has mostly earned Lipton pushback and head-scratching reactions.

“Yadda yadda looting rioting. The important news is conservatives pounce,” Tablet Magazine Associate Editor Noam Blum responded

“So sorry that conservative media is actually putting in the work to report on mass looting and rioting in a major American city,” Townhall’s Julio Rosas said

“[I don’t know] what this even means. Media polarization is getting to the point where I often find myself unable to follow [what] other journalists are saying,” tweeted the Washington Examiner’s Joe Gabriel Simonson.

Protesters and looters have been confronting police and ransacking businesses in Philadelphia since the shooting on Monday of Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a knife-wielding black man also reportedly suffering with mental illness, who was shot fatally after a confrontation with cops during which he apparently refused to drop his weapon.

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