Owner searching for dog missing after Benton County crash


BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man whose dog died after a crash over the weekend in Benton County is asking for the public’s help to locate his other dog who was also in the vehicle.

In a Facebook post, the Benton County Animal Shelter said the man, who was “badly banged up and bruised” was involved in a crash Sunday evening that killed his dog, Sassy.

The owner reported seeing his other dog, Lena on the ground at the scene, but the animal shelter said she either ran off or was picked up by someone.

Crews have searched the immediate area of the crash scene, but have not been able to locate Lena.

Anyone who spots Lena is asked to contact the Benton County Animal Shelter via Facebook Messenger or by calling 210-685-6926.


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