‘Pandemic’s worse than it’s ever been’: Iowa imposes STATEWIDE mask mandate until December 10 amid spike in Covid-19 cases


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has tightened the state’s coronavirus containment policies amid a spike in infections, mandating facemasks at all indoor spaces open to the public when social distancing is not an option.

The state’s public health authority announced the order on Monday, outlining a series of ramped up measures to stem the spread of the virus, among them the new mask mandate and curfew, as well as rules limiting the size and scope of public gatherings. The restrictions take effect on Tuesday, just over a week before the Thanksgiving holiday, and will last until December, 10.

“These measures are targeted toward activities and environments where they have the potential to make a significant impact in a relatively short amount of time,” Reynolds said in an address, adding that “right now, the pandemic in Iowa is worse than it has ever been.”

That doesn’t mean that these changes will be easy or popular, but they’re necessary if we want to keep our businesses open, our kids in school and our healthcare system stable.



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