‘People are getting comfortable in their homes’: Chicago mayor defends curfew, calls on population to extend it to their houses


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the strict restrictions put forth recently in her city are partly for private homes too because people are getting too “comfortable.”

In a Monday morning interview with CNN’s ‘New Day’, Lightfoot said the lockdown procedures in her city meant to discourage social gatherings should extend to people’s homes too.

“It’s not just what you do outside of your home, it’s also what you do inside your home, and making sure that you don’t invite people in that are not part of your immediate family,” she said when defending the controversial 10pm curfew for non-essential businesses. Other lockdown restrictions put in place this week include limiting public gatherings to six people, banning alcohol sales past 9pm, banning bars without food licenses from conducting indoor business, and requiring face coverings in all public settings.

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“People are getting comfortable in their homes, and they’re having social gatherings,” the mayor said, claiming such behavior is a “huge” contributing factor to the spread of Covid-19. Lightfoot says only immediate family and essential people, like home care workers, should be allowed in people’s homes.

Lightfoot’s newly-announced curfew has already earned her plenty of pushback, especially from conservative pundits already highly critical of the controversial mayor.

‘Ledger Report’ host Graham Ledger blasted her as a “rogue politician” pushing “unconstitutional” edicts.

Chicago has seen a spike in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in the last week. The city is experiencing over 600 cases a day. The new restrictions will be in place for two weeks to fight off what Lightfoot describes as a second “surge.”

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