Police arrest driver after chasing FLAMING truck through Los Angeles (VIDEO)


Police pursued a stolen U-Haul truck for two hours through Los Angeles and Orange County in California. The driver kept the pedal to the metal, stopping only when his shredded tires set the truck ablaze.

The chase began in Buena Park, to the southeast of Los Angeles, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Irvine Police Department reported a stolen U-Haul truck, and the driver fled from officers in the direction of Los Angeles. Followed by cars from multiple police departments and California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, the suspect drove towards the city and then back toward Orange County for two hours, all while towing a trailer behind him, local media reported.

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The truck was slowed with spike strips but the driver kept going, even as his bare metal wheels showered sparks down the road. Slowed to a crawl, the driver pressed on as fire spread from the torn tires up to the truck’s cab.

The suspect eventually bailed out of his now flame-engulfed vehicle in Bellflower, South Central Los Angeles. Vaulting over fences, he struggled to keep his shoes on and his pants up, much to the amusement of reporters following his every move from helicopter footage.

Though the suspect briefly disappeared down a back alley, he was captured by CHP officers and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies several blocks away. Neither his name nor the charges he is facing have been released yet.

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