A computer repairman from Delaware, who was responsible for revealing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive is suing Twitter for defamation, saying the platform falsely labeled him a “hacker”.

John Paul Mac Isaac’s findings from the data on the hard drive belonging to Joe Biden’s son were reported on in October by the New York Post. Twitter censored the story, blocking it from being shared and claiming the report was based on information from potentially “hacked materials.”

Now, Mac Isaac claims that the social media giant decided to “communicate to the world that [he] is a hacker,” and is suing the company for defamation.

The computer professional asserts that his business was forced to close due to negative reviews after Twitter made it so he was “widely considered” to be a hacker. Furthermore, Mac Isaac insists that the company acted with malicious intent by linking him to the word ‘hacker’.

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Mac Isaac is demanding $500 million in damages along with a public retraction from Twitter.

The man claims that the president-elect’s son brought him the laptop in 2019, but didn’t pay for his services and “failed” to retrieve it, “despite [Mac Isaac’s] requests,” according to the suit.

Before handing the computer to the FBI, Mac Isaac gave a copy of its hard drive to Robert Costello, the lawyer of Donald Trump’s ally Rudy Giuliani. After that, Trump’s former advisor, Steve Bannon, revealed the existence of the hard drive to The Post, and Giuliani provided the paper with a copy of it.

According to the lawsuit Mac Isaac wasn’t even aware “that the NY Post had information from the hard drive or that a story was going to be published”.

Hunter Biden’s hard drive spawned one of the biggest controversies before the November election. It appears to have contained his emails, detailing the political scion’s questionable business dealings conducted at the time his father was serving as Barack Obama’s vice president, raising questions over potential conflict of interest.

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US mainstream media outlets dismissed the unearthed bombshell information as hacked materials, despite the absence of any evidence to support the claim – which was eventually debunked.

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