SHARJAH, 25th December, 2020 (WAM) — Sharjah Charity International (SCI) has announced the launch of its seasonal campaign “Warm Winter”, which is concerned with distributing in-kind aid such as clothes, blankets and heating material to families and the needy to protect them from the winter.
The campaign is in coordination with the country’s embassies and their representatives in these countries and through the association’s offices in Africa and Asia.
Mohamed Hamdan Al Zari, Director of Projects and Guarantees Department, said that the campaign was launched by distributing in-kind materials to eligible families in several countries with the onset of winter, in implementation of the directives of the association’s board of directors headed by Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Al Zari pointed out that the campaign is part of the country’s approach to conducting humanitarian campaigns in the countries most in need and takes into account the humanitarian and environmental conditions, and the association conducts various campaigns annually to the countries covered by aid and external projects by providing urgent relief and logistical support to the residents of those countries to help them overcome the circumstances.


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