This week’s Showtime is music to our ears, because “In the Heights” is finally out, but that’s not all. We’ve got a few new movies dropping this weekend. Here’s a preview.

Anthony Ramos (as Usnavi): “They used to say, if you work hard, and you live by the rules, the things will come, and those things will heal you.”

Lights up on Washington Heights!

The barrio is buzzing for the movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical “In the Heights.” It’s the story of a Hispanic neighborhood in New York and its colorful residents who are all chasing different dreams.

Lin promises the movie will get you hyped.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: “This is a big musical, and it’s meant to be sung along with and cheered with and applauded with, so, you know, grab a friend.”

Domhnall Gleeson (as Mr. Thomas McGregor): “Stay out of trouble.”

James Corden (as Peter Rabbit, voice): “Told you he has it in for me.”

Colin Moody (as Benjamin Bunny, vouce): “He was talking to all of us.”

Domhnall Gleeson (as Mr. Thomas McGregor): “I’m talking to you, Peter, specifically. Stay out of trouble.”

Oh, hoppy days! Our favorite mischievous rabbit is back for another adventure in “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.”

James Corden voices Peter once again. This time, the rabbit finds himself in trouble in the city and ends up creating chaos for the whole family.

But don’t worry. I’m sure he’s got a plan to fix it … right?

Gina Rodriguez (as Jill): “We’re not giving up.”

Character in “Awake”: “Get down on the ground! No one is attacking us!”

Character in “Awake”: “Grenade!”

Jennifer Jason Leigh (as Dr. Murphy): “Our survival depends on her.”

Gina Rodriguez stars in “Awake.” After a mysterious phenomenon turns all humans into insomniacs, she has to race against time — and global panic — to figure out a solution.

That’s when she learns her daughter can still somehow fall asleep. Gee, what happened to all those narcoleptics?

Katt Williams (as Dr. Mamuwalde): “Sheesh!”

Mike Epps (as Carl Black): “Hey, that’s my wife!”

Katt Williams (as Dr. Mamuwalde): “She will be mine.”

This new neighbor is bloody awful.

In “The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2,” Mike Epps and his family movie to Chicago, and he has a sneaking suspicion their next-door neighbor may just be a horny vampire. The suburbs, am I right?


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