‘The heck!’ Video shows loose tiger prowling through neighborhood


(NEXSTAR) — Residents were surprised to see a tiger prowling outside in their Houston neighborhood Sunday night.

Police said the incident was reported at about 8 p.m. at a Houston home, according to KHOU.

The tiger, which was wearing a collar, was seen in a neighborhood front yard before someone came out of the house and took it inside, reported KHOU.

In one video posted to social media, a man later identified as an off-duty sheriff’s deputy is seen outside holding a gun while shouting at the person taking the tiger inside, reported KHOU.

The deputy said he pointed his weapon at the cat, not people, to protect the neighborhood, according to KHOU.

Social media was buzzing over the incident. One person tweeted, “The heck! Why is there a tiger?!”

Witnesses said the tiger was later put in an SUV and driven away.

“Right after they brought it back inside they loaded it into an SUV and barreled out of their driveway over the lawn and fled from the police,” tweeted someone identified as “a Dan of action.”

Police did not immediately announce any charges or release further information about Sunday’s tiger incident, KHOU reported.


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