‘There’s just nothing to go on’: Grundy Co. Sheriff has questions after GA man’s truck found


Was it a setup? Foul play? Or, did 42-year-old Jeremy O’Bannon intentionally go off the grid? Those are the questions that have haunted Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum for three years. 

O’Bannon is from Ringgold, Georgia, around 70 miles away from where his truck was discovered in Pelham, Tennessee. His truck was found outside of an old schoolhouse on Highway 41 that’s now used as a fire hall. The door to the building was found open.  

“The vehicle, truck wasn’t just parked out beside the road, but it was kind of behind the building,” Sheriff Shrum recalled. “It was definitely pulled there on purpose.” 

O’Bannon left behind three children and a wife, who reported him missing on April 12, 2018. His truck was discovered two days later on April 14. 

“So, two things is that he just parked there and said ‘I’m done’ and left, or he met up with someone and something went wrong, and maybe he was taken by force. We don’t rule that out whatsoever,” Sheriff Shrum said. 

Regardless of what happened, the Grundy County Sheriff asks anyone with information on what might have happened to come forward and help bring closure to O’Bannon’s wife and family.  

“There’s absolutely zero leads, and he is not from Grundy County. It’s just we found his truck here, that’s it. And his phone was pinged a couple hundred yards away. That’s the last we heard from Mr. O’Bannon,” Sheriff Shrum said. “There’s just nothing to go on.” 

O’Bannon’s keys were left in the truck along with camping gear, making the case even more suspicious.  

Anyone with information is asked to call the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department at (931) 692-3466.  


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