President Donald Trump vowed to make legal challenges over allegations of voter fraud in all states that were recently put in the win column for Democrat rival Joe Biden, saying there’s “plenty of proof” of wrongdoing.

“Just check out the media” for proof, Trump said Thursday on Twitter. “We will win! America first!”

Trump said the allegations will involve both voter fraud and fraud committed by state election officials.

Twitter immediately flagged Trump’s tweet as potentially misleading, although most of his message was about actions that he plans to take and expressing confidence that he will be victorious.

Trump’s statement came after media outlets declared Biden the winner in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. Late troves of ballots, including mail-in votes, overwhelmingly favored Biden and erased Trump’s election-night leads in Wisconsin and Michigan.

The incumbent president’s campaign has blasted media outlets for announcing Biden as the winner in Arizona with hundreds of thousands of ballots yet to be counted.

Some media outlets appeared quick to call some states for Biden and reluctant to declare Trump the winner in states such as Florida and Texas on election night. Even Alaska, where Trump leads Biden by 29 percentage points with results reported for half of all precincts, still hasn’t been called for Trump.

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