Two 2nd Avenue businesses relocating to Marathon Village


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The last five months for businesses on 2nd Avenue have been hectic and uncertain after the bombing destroyed several buildings on Christmas Day.

Sandy and Jeff Lee co-owned Simply the Best $10 Boutique and Ensemble for ten years, but decided that it was time for a fresh start.

“If we had the option of going downtown to 2nd Avenue North, I would in a heartbeat,” said Sandy.

Since the buildout could take a couple of years and rent prices will likely go up, the couple knew moving was the smartest financial decision. After a months long search, they landed on an empty retail space in Marathon Village on Clinton Street.

Their new name will be “Nashville’s Best $10 and Up Boutique,” but will be known as “Nashville’s Best Boutique” for short on social media.

“We are happy because Marathon matches what we had before as far as a cool vibe, and it’s a historic building built in the 1900’s,” Lee said.

2nd Avenue may no longer be their home, but the couple plans to pay tribute to the district.

“My husband Jeff, my partner-in-crime, he was always into history and he retrieved a few bits and pieces when he was allowed into the building,” said Sandy. “We have pictures and we will continue to tell the story since it was something known worldwide and we were downtown over ten years; we had our footprint of followers.”

Renovating their new space has come with challenges due to the pandemic. Finding material is difficult and the cost has escalated so much, which is why they decided to combine both stores.

“We were always just looking for a path and the doors just kept opening, so we knew we had to reopen,” Sandy said. “That led us here to Marathon.”

Their former part-time employees will be coming back and they will be looking to hire a person full-time. The new boutique is set to open in early August with a grand opening celebration.


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