Video: Parma Heights police chase ends with fiery crash


PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)– Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a driver speeding away from Parma Heights police until he loses control and ends up in a fiery crash.

It happened in the earl-morning hours Saturday on West 130th Street and we investigated the story behind it.

The video shows the driver hitting a utility pole and taking down power lines as bright flashes lit up the sky.

“He just crashed. He just crashed. We got power lines down. Something exploded over here. That car creamed a pole. Cut it right in half,” an officer said on police radio.

The incident began after police rolled up to the Sky Lounge. Someone called about a fight. But, as police started looking around, gunshots rang out in the parking lot.

You can hear the gunshots on police video and see everyone start to duck and take cover.

“Shots fired. Car’s taking off,” an officer called out.

Someone apparently fired several shots, then took off. That led to the chase.

“Nobody was actually shot. Shots were fired up into the air,” an officer said on the radio, as police went after the car.

Police chased the car with patrol lights flashing and sirens blaring, but they said the driver tried to get away at speeds up to 100 mph. About 90 seconds into the chase, you see that driver wipe out.

The driver went to the hospital. Police said when they searched the car, they found a gun.

They said that gun matched the caliber of bullets fired in the parking lot outside the bar. Oddly, police didn’t have any indication the guy with the gun had anything to do with the fight at the bar.

Now, investigators are still sorting out evidence and all that happened.

As of Tuesday afternoon, police told us that driver was still in the hospital.

No charges have been filed yet.


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