WATCH: Tempest leaves trail of destruction in its wake as it blasts New York


Over 100,000 people were left without power as powerful winds pulverized the tri-state area around New York City, while tornado warnings were issued for the Bronx and Manhattan, affecting some two million residents.

Gusts of up to 75 mph lashed the northeastern seaboard, while some 40,000 homes and businesses were without power Sunday night. 

There was no official confirmation of a tornado touching down but residents shared video of the terrifying tempest, claiming there was indeed a twister.

Tornado warnings were issued shortly before 8pm local time across multiple counties – Suffolk, Putnam, Westchester, Bergen, Fairfield, Bronx and New York County – all of which ended by 10pm.

Train services were interrupted in several areas, while New York City’s fire department said it received reports of glass and other debris raining down on 57th Street. Investigators have yet to determine the source of the debris, as construction sites in the local area had earlier been secured.

There were no reports of injuries, despite the intensity of the storm which felled trees in many areas.

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