‘You get what you accept’: Trump Covid adviser Atlas roasted for suggesting people should ‘rise up’ against Covid restrictions


Trump administration Covid-19 adviser Scott Atlas has unleashed a tsunami of criticism upon himself after tweeting that “the only way this stops is if people rise up” in response to new anti-coronavirus measures in Michigan.

“You get what you accept,” the Stanford University doctor, who has emerged as President Donald Trump’s top adviser on responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, said in a Sunday night tweet that also featured #FreedomMatters and #StepUp hashtags.

Such an ambiguous appea triggered a wave of angry replies accusing him of seeking to kill people, incite violence or even attack Governor Whitmer, as well as calls for Twitter to ban Atlas immediately.

In a follow-up tweet, Atlas attempted to clarify he was “NEVER talking at all about violence,” but rather about resisting through peaceful means of “voting” and “protest.”

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Atlas tried to explain that the US pandemic policy is federally supported, but state-managed and locally implemented, insisting that is how federalism works – but the damage was already beyond repair and the torrent of criticism only intensified.

Want more mandates & lockdown? Contact your governor. That’s state controlled. Not federal. Period.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), who earlier in the day introduced a new set of anti-coronavirus measures, personally fired back at Atlas, telling CNN she is “not going to be bullied into not following reputable scientists and medical professionals.”

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